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Guimer Quiro Chocho

Colored Pencil - 15" x 15"


Guimer Quiro Chocho is a father of 6 girls and a boy. He is a social and environmental leader, a defender of human rights of the Wounaan Nonam people, a correspondent of Contagio radio, and a member of the network Communities Building Peace in the Territories (CONPAZ).


Since 2010, when they were victims of forced displacement due to the paramilitary incursion of the Aguilas Negras and the Rastrojos, he led along with his community, the process of creating the Humanitarian and Biodiversity Reserve of Santa Rosa de Guayacan on the Calima River. This was built so the community could return and remain in the territory in the middle of the armed conflict. Guimer together with his community, is a reference point of resistance and affirmation of rights in Bajo Calima and Bajo San Juan.

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